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Due to health concerns during the COVID-19 crisis the food pantry will be going to stage 3 of our emergency plan and offer a drive-through option only.

We will be using the drive-through contingency plan until further notice.

Drive through will be on the 2nd and last Fridays of the month from 12-5 PM. If you are sick stay home (call 512-285-2505 and leave a message that you are sick and need food we will call back with options)

Access drive-through line with your vehicle only. To access the line turn onto 5th st from Lexington Road. Then turn left onto N. Avenue E. Line begins in front of the food pantry. Also please follow thees important guidelines.


  1. Stay in your car
  2. Approaching the pantry keep your windows up.
  3. Do not block streets
  4. Do not block traffic
  5. Do not block driveways
  6. Keep on the side of the street allowing traffic to pass.
  7. Be patient all in line will be served.
  8. Last car in line at 5 PM
  9. Follow signs
  10. Be Blessed.


Red Line is where the line starts.
Yellow Line is where the line continues
Green Line is the drive through pattern exiting onto Lexington Road.