God Loves You

When I was growing up sometimes my mother would get upset at me asking the question, Why! Why can't I go outside? Why do I have to do my homework after I got home? Why couldn’t I do like the other kids do?

The answer I would receive from her I didn't like very much; she would say because I said so. After that there was no appeal, she was the LAW. 

But John says, it’s because…

It’s because He first loved us. Could it be that my love toward Him is not a voluntary gesture but it’s a reactionary gesture? Could it be that my love for Christ is reduced to a reciprocal response? Why do I love Him?

He made the first move.

He touched me first.

He was concerned about me first.

He noticed me first.

He wanted my best first.

He wanted to use me first.

He wanted to be my savior first.

He wanted to be my Lord first.